Grand Knight Michael Myers
with His Excellency
The Most Reverend Archbishop J. Peter Sartain

Officers of Pope John XXIII Council 2020-2021


Grand Knight Michael Myers
Deputy Grand Knight Chris Treichel
Chancellor Lynn Johnson
Financial Secretary Ken DeVos 206-248-2543
Treasurer Pat Robinson
Warden Frank Zamfino
Recorder Jim McQuarrie
Lecturer Leo Ehreth
Advocate Dan McGarry
Inside Guard Mark Myers
Outside Guard Roberto Soto
Trustee 1yr Erik Olson
Trustee 2yr Jack Erban
Trustee 3yr Jim Bacon
Chaplain Fr. Dick Hayatsu 206-242-4575
Program Director Ken DeVos 206-248-2543
Faith Director Jim McQuarrie
Vocations Chairman Erik Olson
Community Director Chris Treichel
Family Director Lynn Johnson
Membership Director Jim Bacon 206-963-6824
Public Relations Michael Myers
Life Director Jim Bacon 206-963-6824

If you wish to reach an officer above that has not added contact information, call or email Financial Secretary Ken DeVos.