Officers of Pope John XXIII Council 2017-2018

Grand Knight Jim Bacon 206-963-6824
Deputy Grand Knight Chuck Davidson
Chancellor Michael Myers
Financial Secretary Ken DeVos 206-248-2543
Treasurer Pat Robinson
Warden Jack Erban
Recorder Leo Ehreth
Lecturer Jim Orchekowsky 425-269-1413
Advocate Dan McGarry
Inside Guard Chris Treichel
Outside Guard Ed Simmons
Trustee 1yr Don Dorres
Trustee 2yr Paul Hanks
Trustee 3yr
Chaplain Fr. Dick Hayatsu 206-242-4575
Program Director Ken DeVos 206-248-2543
Church Director Jim McQuarrie
Vocation Chairman Paul Hanks
Youth Director Chris Treichel
Pro-Life Couple
Health Services
Public Relations Paul Hanks

If you wish to reach an officer above that has not added contact information, call or email Financial Secretary Ken DeVos.