Raffle List

The document: Click here.

The following businesses have been visited:

11/20 – Sonny and Jim M visited some Burien businesses with the following results:

(Flyer = Ken’s note left with business and hopefully they will call with donation)

Tin Room/909/Pizzaria – flyer

Classic Eats – flyer

Greek House – $25

Salvadorian Kitchen – flyer

Fish House – flyer

Tap house – Appetizer

Vince’s $40

Bakery Nouveau – wants email contact

Bison Creek pizza – flyer

Angelo’s – $50

King Wah – no

Oishi sushi – flyer

Primo’s – flyer

Maven Merchential – flyer

Marlena’s flyer

Chocolate shop – flyer

Ice Cream – flyer

Humble Vine – flyer

Frankie’s – $40

The following baskets have been made:

The following items have been procured:

Pope John Paul II Book & Commemorative Coin – Michael

4 Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets – Michael

USA Flag Baseball Cap – Michael

Seattle Seahawks Wall Cross – Michael