Spaghetti Dinner & Raffle Donations

The event isn’t until February of next year, but time flies.

Brothers, this year we are asking that the council start gathering donations for the raffle earlier. Last year was very last minute and we don’t want a repeat.

Financial Secretary Ken DeVos has provided a form you can print out yourselves to present to local businesses.

Click here for the form.

It has also been requested that we keep tabs on which locations we have been to and what we have for the raffle. The list will be revised as updates are received.

Click here for the list.

Faith in Action retreat

From brother Jim McQuarrie comes a reminder of the upcoming retreat this Saturday: Our Faith in Action. January 27th, 10am-2:30pm, Our Lady of Guadalupe Walmesley Center, 3410 SW Myrtle Street, Seattle. Please take a look at the flyer. Suggested donation is $10 if you decide to go.

RSVP to [email protected]

To register for Catholic Advocacy Day at the state Legislature in Olympia on Feb. 21, visit Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center.